Mumbai – The taste of America Masterclass Series launched on November 12, 2020 and will continue until December 30, 2020.It is a privilege to cook with one of Indias most renowned chef, Sanjeev Kapoor while showcasing amazing U.S. food products now available in India, Chef Kapoor is the perfect pick to reshape classic, Indian recipes using high-quality American food ingredients. This collaboration is another example of how the food, culinary styles, and traditions of the United States and India blend together perfectly said U.S. Consul General David J. Ranz in Mumbai.

Indias most renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor said,I take great pleasure to be a part of this wonderful collaboration with Taste Of America. Apart from the local and indigenous foods that we are bestowed with, it’s fantastic that we are able to taste some of the other fresh, nutritious, and exotic ingredients from overseas yearlong – California Walnuts and Almonds, Washington Apples, US Cranberries, USA Pears, Oregon Hazelnuts and so many more foods which make a great addition to our health and daily diets. Since all these nutrient-dense supplies are season-specific in our country, the availability of these ingredients enables us to enjoy them when our local produce is not in season. I am glad to partner in this initiative and happy to cook along with the U.S Consul General as a part of the Masterclass series.