TOKYO – The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is participating in the Quad Countries Summit. During his visit to Japan, Shri Modi said that this time I got the opportunity to visit Japan when the diplomatic relations between the two countries are going to be seventy years, seven decades. While addressing the Indian community, he said, Friends, you too must have experienced while living here and everyone in India also feels that India and Japan are natural partners. Japan has played an important role in India’s development journey. Our relationship with Japan is also of spirituality. We have Mahakal in India and Daikokuten in Japan. If we have Brahma in India, we have Bonten in Japan, our mother is Sarastavi and we have Benzaiten in Japan. Our Mahadevi is Lakshmi, so there is kichijoten in Japan. We have Ganesha and Japan has Kangiten. If there is a Zain tradition in Japan, then we consider meditation as a means of working directly with the soul.