New Delhi-Indian Army has deployed six T-90 missile firing tanks and anti-tank missile systems in the Galwan Valley sector. It shows India is ready to counter any Chinese offensive at the Line of Actual Control while the senior military commanders from India and China are meeting to work out the de-escalation and disengagement process on mutual terms.

The Indian armys decision was taken after the Chinese Army had beefed up its positions on the river bed with armoured personnel carriers and troop tents. The Indian Army is occupying the dominant heights in the sector within its side of the Line of Actual Control.

India is prepared for a long haul in this limited spectrum with capability of a full spectrum retaliation in case the red flag goes up. With the water temperature in the river already touching 10 below zero and the river bed temperatures more frosty than the dominant heights due to temperature inversion, it is only a matter of time when General Winter takes over the area and makes Chinese positions in Galwan Valley untenable.The morale of the Indian forces is very high with both Indian Air Force and Indian Navy deployed in highest state of alertness.