Kutch of Gujarat was once called a paradise for birds, now this area seems to be turning into a cemetery of birds. About 30,000 birds are estimated to die every year from power lines in the Abdasa area of ​​Kutch district. In the Thar region of Rajasthan, about 100,000 birds are killed every year due to power lines colliding. Navinbhai Bapat, a birdwatcher and activist in Kutch, said they had to approach the Supreme Court as the Gujarat government had not taken any action for long-term conservation of the birds. In April 2021, the Supreme Court issued an order to underground power lines for the protection of the Great Indian Bustard in the priority and potential habitat of Gujarat (including Kutch) and Rajasthan and to install bird diverters on all power lines. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited has started the work of laying underground power lines as per the order of the Supreme Court. Other power agencies should also follow suit to reduce bird mortality.