New Delhi – International Film Festival of India , which is being held in Goa during November 20 – 28, 2022 will showcase a collage of the best of contemporary and classic films from India and around the globe.
The International Film Festival of India (IFFI), founded in 1952, is among Asia’s most prominent film festivals. Held in Goa for the first time in 2004, the festival has since found a home in the coastal state, returning here every year. And in 2014, Goa was declared the permanent venue for IFFI.

The idea of the International Film Festival of India is to celebrate films, the stories they tell and the people behind them. By doing so, we seek to nurture, promote and spread the enlightened appreciation and ardent love for films – far, wide and deep; to build bridges of love, understanding and fraternity among peoples; and to inspire them to scale new peaks of individual and collective excellence.

As a media delegate at IFFI 53, awaiting you are world-renowned filmmakers, actors, technicians, critics, academicians, not to mention fellow film enthusiasts, all of whom will congregate in the tourist state of Goa to immerse themselves in an ocean of cinematic celebration and inspiration.