Like India’s famous sweet Petha was born in Agra, similarly it is said that Gajak was invented by Sitaram Shivhare in Morena, a small district of Madhya Pradesh from Chambal water. Jaggery and sesame sweetmeat Gajak is being produced in Morena for the last 100 years.Morena is the city where peacocks are in abundance.abundance. Every winter there, the farmers fight the bitter cold by eating local fruits and Gajak. Made from home grown sesame seeds and gur, this sweet is called Morena ki Gajak. Many people say that due to some components in the water of Chambal river, a sweet developed from it. Morena’s Gajak are now exported internationally. The flour to make this famous Morena Gajakis kneaded until all the sesame seeds are broken and release their oil into the flour.