(Rajiv Saxena) Agra – Foreign delegates coming to participate in the G20 meeting will also visit Agra’s Taj Mahal, Fort and Itmad-ud-Daula. On February 12, all the three monuments will be closed for four hours for the general public and tourists. Ministers from many countries will attend the first meeting of the G-20 to be held in Agra. It is said that in the first meeting there will be a meeting of the Group of Ministers to discuss the issue of women empowerment. In this meeting, there will be ministers from many countries who are associated with culture and women empowerment. In order to give a direct experience of Braj culture to foreign delegates, the tourism department has also organized a special event which reflects the ethos of Brajbhoomi land. The guests will be greeted with Holi of flowers and presentation of Charkula dance, among other forms of Braj art and culture.