New Delhi – On World Blood Donor Day 2023, the efforts of Delhi youth Kiran Verma were praised. He has completed the 13400 kilometer walk.
Kiran says people often claim that they have traveled a lot and seen different places but when you look closely, they never get to see the real side of India. Because people travel using a highway, which cuts them off from the local side. In just 2/3 hour people travel 100-150 kilometers, which means they leave behind hundreds (if not thousands) of the things that make each place unique. While traveling people rarely get a chance to cross the local roads, meet people and experience their daily life. Highways are developed in isolated areas and hence do not get a chance for people to people interaction. Every village has many such hidden stories which we get to hear only when we have enough time. Even during our travels, we are always in a hurry and do not try to explore things as everything is planned.
In my journey of 13,400 kms so far, I haven’t followed any of these points, guess what. Today I have thousands of stories with millions of moments. 21,000 kms journey to be completed. I was wondering if I can share such amazing stories as a series to document my walk for blood donation awareness and show the beautiful side of our country can also be shared.
Kiran said hare your opinion as I am “thinking” of starting a video series which can generate some earning source for me in long run and also I can use that money for my social initiatives.Your Feedback will matter a lot so please be kind and honest. If you ask your contacts to share their feedback too, maybe it can help millions of people in future.