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Password will not be required now for login in google accounts

Google has given great relief to the people who forget their passwords. People troubled by repeated forgetting of passwords can now use Google’s new feature Passkey to sign in. Google announced the first official availability of a feature called Passkeys

Safai Saathis transform Panaji into Zero Landfill City

Panaji, the capital of Goa, has now become a zero-landfill city. All types of waste generated in the city are segregated and recycled. It is beyond imagination of the people as most of the Indian cities are grappling with the

Indian restaurants in European cities are gaining fame with the name ‘Taj Mahal’

Agra – Those opening Indian restaurants in European cities are always on the lookout for names. Perhaps not “New Delhi or Bombay, most people prefer the name “Taj Mahal”, one of the most famous wonders of the world and an

The Songs of Scorpions, the last film of Irrfan Khan’s life, on the screens

The last film ‘The Songs of Scorpions ‘of Bollywood’s famous actor late Irrfan Khan, who won the hearts of film audiences around the world with the film Lunch Box, has been released in theatres. Irrfan Khan left this world on

People of Rewa still remember the white tiger Mohan

Rewa is called the White Tiger City because the first white tiger in India was found in the forests here. Rewa was the home of white tiger Mohan. White tigers have been seen in various forests of India for decades

Berlin’s House of One will become a unique example of co-existence of religions

The House of Unity “House of One” in Berlin will be a unique place of worship in the world in 2025 which will have a church, a mosque and a synagogue under one roof. This place will be a place

American youth James Andrews was the first person to climb the dome of Taj Mahal

Agra – The first foreigner to climb the dome of the Taj Mahal was James M. Andrews, a young American.Taking the risk of his life, he fulfilled his dream in 1927. The question arises as to why he climbed to

Apple Saket store team members speak over 15 languages

New Delhi – Apple opened its Saket store in India’s capital New Delhi. Here customers can shop Apple’s full lineup of products and services, receive specialized support from team members, and learn how to get the most out of Apple