Agra – Anil Joseph of Agra had a dream of doing something for the society since his childhood. Eventually, Anil built a home for 75 disabled children. He started looking for the right opportunity after completing his diploma in 2002. The idea of starting this home came to him when he came across a mother holding a child, who was handicapped, on a visit to a clinic in Agra. Anil immediately understood the condition of the child.
The child’s mother told him that the child condition was becoming an issue in the family. Her husband is regularly threatening to leave her. It was from here that Anil’s mission began. He decided to give shelter to this girl child. Soon, word spread and two more parents also knocked on his door to help their disabled children. And so, Vishal, Devi and Om become his first wards. Anil said that as long as I am alive, I will keep giving shelter to the disabled. Presently they have a house named ‘Ashray’ and have also bought land in Digner (on the outskirts of Agra) to provide more open space for the children. Anil, 38, is the father of two children. He feels responsible for all the disabled children in the house.