Washington-Indian ambassador to US Taranjit Singh Sandhu gave compliment to Dr. Aghi, and his team, for making USISPF a valuable and strong stakeholder in the US-India bilateral relationship. He has joineded as a new ambassador to US.India has, one of the youngest populations, in an aging world.t India is a land of, 800 million young people! By 2020, the median age in India is just 28, compared to 37, in China, and the US, 45 in Western Europe, and 49 in Japan. The youth have the ability, to think big, think out of the box, innovate, and bring, transformational changes. They are forward looking, and are hungry, for development. They are full of hope, and optimism said Taranjit Singh Sandhu on the welcome reception of USISPF.

He said our Prime Minister, has set the goal for India, to grow, from a $3 trillion economy, today to a $5 trillion economy, by 2024 and a $10 trillion economy, by 2030. In this journey, Prime Minister Modi has made it clear that the US is a preferred partner for trade and business.

He told that more than 2000 US companies, have a presence in India. Over 200 Indian Companies, have invested US$18 billion in the US, creating more than, 100,000 direct jobs. Two-way investment, between India and US reached, US $ 60 billion in 2018. Bilateral trade, is growing at 10 per cent, on a year-to-year basis, and reached, $ 160 billion in 2019.
This makes me, bullish about our relationship. The best, is yet to come. When US capital, and expertise, meets the Indian market, and Indian mind, we should aim, for nothing less, but the sky. I look forward to working with, USISPF and each one of you, in this en-deavor of taking our relationship, to new heights.