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India liberalizes the e-Visa regime making it more tourist friendly

New Delhi-The e Tourist Visa which was introduced in September 2014 with 46 countries has now been made applicable for 166 countries. Recently, government has made series of amendments in e-visa regime, liberalizing it further and making it more tourist

e Visa for the citizens of 163 countries

New Delhi : India extended the facility of e Visa for the citizens of 163 countries and launched campaigns in the international and domestic markets to promote the various tourism products and destinations through an integrated marketing and promotional strategy.Now

Govt has further liberalized visa regime in India

The Govt has further liberalized, simplified and rationalized the visa regime in India. E-visa scheme has been categorized into three sub-categories,e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa and e-Medical Visa with increased number of entries and duration of stay. Further, long term Tourist