St. Peter’s College of Agra, one of the oldest convent schools in India was started as a boarding school in 1841 and was shifted to its present building in 1846, which is accepted as the year of foundation of the school. Has been done Since the First War of Independence in 1857, St. Peter’s College has stood witness to the struggle for independence and the changes that have taken place since then. On the occasion of the new year 2024, Shri Om Seth, President of St. Peter’s College Old Boys Association, who was a student of the 1950s, recalled his school days and discussed the changing environment. He said that the school is more than 175 years old but its alumni family is very large, which is spread all over the world.
He said that many alumni of the school are bringing glory to the school in the country and abroad. Many students here want to join the school again even after retirement. Many alumni are also associated with the association’s efforts. The association will try to call as many alumni as possible in 2024 and have a dialogue with the students currently studying. Apart from Chairman Om Seth, Senior Vice President Anil Sharma, Nitesh Gupta, Dr. Sameer Kumar and Media Coordinator Amit Khatri were present in the meeting organized on the New Year.