Rewa is called the White Tiger City because the first white tiger in India was found in the forests here. Rewa was the home of white tiger Mohan. White tigers have been seen in various forests of India for decades and in 1951 Mohan was captured alive in the forests of Rewa. Mohan was brought by the Maharaja of Rewa to his palace zoo on the banks of the Govindgarh Lake, and when he became an adult Rewa Maharaja reared Mohan with a tigress of normal colour, but the cubs were not born white, their color was like that of the mother. Maharaja did not give up and tried every way. Finally on October 30, 1958, Radha is said to have given birth to four white cubs, Raja (male), Rani (female), Mohini (female), and Sukeshi (female). In the late 1960s, the siren was sold to the National Zoological Park in Washington DC.