Chetana Somavarapu,NRI living in the UK for over a decade always had a hard time getting hold of Indian products at reasonable prices. She hoarded anything that came from India like sweets, pickles, and ethnic clothes with care.

Chetana and Rajesh Garus Hyderabad-based startup Forward Parcel gives NRIs the experience of problem free shopping in India and having the merchandise conveyed to their doorstep anyplace on the planet.

As a NRI living in UK for longer than 10 years, Chetana Somavarapu consistently struggled getting hold of Indian items at sensible costs. She accumulated whatever came from India like desserts, pickles, and ethnic garments with care. For most non-inhabitant Indians abroad, the least expensive approach to gain admittance to conventional items would get their loved ones back home send over the things they required. Notwithstanding, Chetana thinks requesting favors even from relatives once in a while turned into excessively much. Her folks were likewise older and ailing and would think that its hard to experience the cycle.