New Delhi-Indian Railways staff from a number of Railway organizations like IRCTC, RPF, Zonal Railways and others have worked tirelessly to keep alive the Railways’ commitment of social service by selflessly and voluntarily providing hot cooked meals to needy people after the lockdown due to COVID-19. Railways has been providing bulk cooked food with paper plates for lunch and food packets for dinner through IRCTC base kitchens, RPF resources and contribution of NGOs since 28th March 2020.

Meal distribution crossed the one million mark today with a total of nearly 10.2 lacs. The food distribution is being done to the poor, children, coolies, migrant labourers, stranded persons and whoever else comes in search of food at and near the railway stations, and even at some distances away from the railway stations. While delivering the food to needy persons, social distancing and hygiene is being observed.