Agra : Dholpur-Sirmathura narrow gauge railway line is very important for the Indian Railways history. Dholpur is only 58 kilometers away from Taj City Agra. This railway line was started on 14 December 1905 by Maharaja of Dholpur State Ram Singh. This rail narrow gauge rail line was formally opened about 115 years ago (February 1908). The original name of the company was Dholpur-Bari Light Railway. In 1914 its name was changed to Dholpur State Railway. The distance between Dholpur Tantpur is 60 kms.
The train initially used steam locomotives, but later diesel locomotives were used. Its first journey used to start at around 04:00 am and return at 10:15 am. The second journey used to start at 10:40 and end at around 19:00. There are many halt stations in this section. Now the operation of trains on this narrow gauge line has been stopped. It is said that the work of broad gauge line is going to start in a few days.