New Delhi-Central Pollution Control Board monitors the pollution caused by Industrial units in rivers Ganga and Yamuna. Action taken by CPCB against the Grossly Polluting Industries discharging into main stem of Ganga River & its tributaries (Kali-East & Ramganga) which are non-complying with the prescribed norms and non-connectivity of On-line Continuous Effluent Monitoring System.
CPCB conducted joint inspection of 32 industries, along with Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, located at Muzaffarnagar in Hindon River basin. The joint inspection report was submitted before the Hon’ble NGT. Hon’ble Tribunal vide its order dated 22.09.2017 imposed environmental compensation of Rs.10.0 Lakhs each to 07 Pulp & Paper industries and Rs.15.0 lakhs to a Slaughter house and Rs.5.0 lakhs to a Chemical industry.

Under Pollution Inventorisation Assessment & Surveillance on river Ganga inspection & monitoring of Grossly Polluting Industries is carried out for compliance verification of the stipulated environmental norms. Inspections are also carried out on annual basis through third party technical institutes viz. IITs, NITs & CSIR Institutes for verification of compliance. First round of inspection by technical institutions was carried out during 2017 and second round of inspection is in progress and action is taken appropriately by SPCBs on the defaulting industries.