Agra: Railways has played an important role in the development of city of Taj.In the process of development and expansion, many of its assets have been created here. Among these structures, there are many which need to be preserved from the contemporary point of view. Agra is the center of tourism-oriented activities, naturally these old railway buildings are a natural attraction for them. This is what Agra Railway consultative Committee member Mr Rakesh Kumar Awasthi said.
Shri Awasthi, who is known as ‘Rakesh Bhaiya’ on electronic social media, during the discussion he said that City railway station is an integral part of the life of the people of Agra. Even now, when very few trains pass through it, ‘it is the identity of Agra’. He said that that we should maintin the heritage look of this historical station.
In an informal discussion with journalists Rajeev Saxena and Aslam Salimi at the Taj Press Club, Rakesh Bhaiya said that ever since the concept of ‘Agra city walk’ has been incorporated in tourism, City Station is also included among the buildings and places of Agra that tourists visit.