A terrible accident happened. I am feeling unbearable pain and the citizens of many states have lost something or the other in this journey. For those who have lost their lives, this is very painful and disturbing beyond pain.

The government will leave no stone unturned for the good health of the family members who have been injured. We will not be able to bring back the relatives we have lost, but the government is with them in their grief, in the grief of their relatives. This incident is very serious for the government, instructions have been given for every kind of investigation and whoever is found guilty, he should be given the strictest punishment, he will not be spared.

I also thank the Government of Orissa, all the officials of the administration here who tried to help the people in whatever way they had in this situation. I heartily congratulate the citizens here because they have tried to do whatever they could in this hour of crisis, be it blood donation or help in rescue operations. Especially the youth of this area have worked hard throughout the night.

I also respectfully bow down to the citizens of this area that due to their cooperation, the operation could be carried forward at a faster pace. Railways has put forward its full strength, full arrangements for further relief in the rescue operation and to restore the track as soon as possible, to restore the traffic at a fast pace, from these three points of view, the efforts have been made well thought out.

But in this hour of sorrow, I have come today after visiting the place and seeing everything. I have spoken to the injured citizens who were in the hospital as well. I don’t have words to express this pain. But may God give us all the strength to come out of this sad time as soon as possible. I am sure that we will learn a lot from these incidents as well and will take forward our arrangements as much as possible giving priority to the safety of the citizens. It is a sad time, let us all pray for these families.