The govt is committed to the continuous development of the Indian economy said union minister Radha Mohan Singh.He was addressing farmers in Srinagar.
He said,India can become one of the world’s major economic powers by developing the enterprises related to agriculture, where the products can be stored, processed and are brought to the market. Mr Singh said it while speaking to the farmers in Srinagar.Mr Singh said that Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, too, is well aware of the importance of agriculture and its contribution to the Indian economy. Hence, he has initiated a series of schemes for the betterment of the farmers. In the last three years, the new schemes introduced include distribution of soil health card, expansion in irrigation facilities, low-cost Organic Farming, National Agriculture Market, Horticultural Development, Agroforestry, Beekeeping, Milk, fish and egg production and agricultural education on a priority basis.