If we talk about the village of India, then the photo of fields, dusty bumps, bullock carts and huts is visible. But on the contrary, Dharmaj village of Anand district of Gujarat is such a place, where you will see prosperity like city in the whole village. Expensive cars like Mercedes or BMW and restaurants like McDonald’s will also be seen on the streets of Dharmaj village. In most of the families here, one person lives in the village and does farming, while the other goes abroad and earns money. It is said that in every country you will find some one of this village. People of the village enjoy the life of both urban and rural environment. It is called the village of NRIs, who are settled all over the world. It is said that there are 1400 families in Great Britain, 700 in America, 148 in Africa and more than 600 families are settled in different parts of India. Despite being settled abroad for a long time, NRIs here still have love for their homeland.