Agra – Shailendra Narwar’s documentary film Gumnaam Dharohar was awarded the Best Heritage Documentary Film award among various films selected from India and abroad in the three-day Global Taj International Film Festival held in Agra. This film is made on an unheard story of Chambal Valley. Shri Narwar has tried his best to present the cultural heritage hidden in the ravines of Chambal, the chain of Shiv temples in Bateshwar in the outskirts of Agra, Mitawali and Chambal to the audience through his documentary films. In his upcoming new documentary film “Garhi Padhavali Ka Prachin Mandir”, you will be surprised to see the beautiful picture of the ravines of Chambal and will also be proud of the cultural heritage of your country. The director said that on hearing the name of the ravines of Chambal, perhaps the first picture that emerges in the mind of all of us is the awe and fear of dacoits, but I have made 3 documentary films on the beautiful cultural heritage spread in the valley of Chambal and my By watching three documentary films, you will realize how much cultural heritage of our country is preserved in these ravines of Chambal.