Recently released film ‘The Braid’, based on the novel written by French film writer and film director Letitiia Colombani, has achieved huge success. The film has connected three lives, three women and three continents through braided hair. The film has been made in India, Italy and Canada. Although these three women do not know each other, their personalities are interconnected. The life battles of all three have been beautifully portrayed in this film.
I think it’s an extraordinary film, an unsung beauty. Everything in this film is masterful, the trio of actresses is especially noteworthy. Along with the direction, Ludovico Einaudi’s photography is also very attractive.
If you haven’t read this book, be sure to watch this extraordinary film when you get a chance. The destinies of 3 completely different women on 3 continents, of which we follow a moment of their very picturesque journey.