Eating naan is an ancient Indian tradition, except in India it is not stuffed with paneer. But Paneer Naan is the most popular bread served in all Indian restaurants in Europe. Paneer naan was first served at the Annapurna restaurant, which is still considered to be the first Indian restaurant in Paris set up by an Indian. Annapurna restaurant stuffed the naan with a layer of paneer and served it in this form for the first time in 1967. Paneer Naan is claimed by an Indian family settled in France since last century. The Gupta family, originally from Bombay, opened their first Indian restaurant in Paris in the late 1960s, specializing in paneer naan. Although paneer naan is not so popular in India, paneer naan in France has become a fundamental ingredient of Indian cooking in the subconscious of the consumer. Plain Naan is also very popular in European countries. It is served plain or smeared with butter. Many people also like it with ginger and turmeric.