New Delhi-Easier availability of credit at cheaper rates to exporters will be resolved expeditiously and customs clearances will be made quicker by installing X Ray scanners at all major Ports. Robust mechanism for Track & Trace in Pharma sector will be implemented in three months, a new scheme to rebate state and central taxes and levies will be rolled out in 3 months and will be implemented in a phased manner for all sectors, said Union Minister of Commerce and Industry & Railways, PiyushGoyal.He chaired a joint Meeting of Board of Trade and Council of Trade Development & Promotion.
He highlighted the achievements of the government in terms of exports crossing half trillion mark for the first time with goods exports at all time high of USD 331 billion, Ease of doing business rank improving to 77 and logistics rank improving to 44th. Procurement of more than Rs 25,000 crorehave been undertaken by Governments resulting in huge savings.