New Delhi-Balharshah and Chandrapur stations of Central Railway have been awarded first prize for depicting the best art & refurbishing itself as the most beautiful station across Indian Railways. Ballarshah and Chandrapur railway stations were decorated with paintings and sculptures depicting the Tadoba forest, which was welcomed by the passengers who had a feel of the rich wildlife beauty of the Tadoba Forest in the station itself.Both the stations have been awarded Rs 10 Lakhs as the prize money.

Madhubani Railway station under Samastipur Division of East Central Railwayin Bihar has been declared the second best along with Madurai Railway Station (Southern Railway).More than 100 artists adorned Madhubani station with renowned Madhubani paintings in only 10 days in October last.At Madurai Railway Station, the walls were painted with various murals relating to Madurai.Kota Station, Gandhidham Station and Secunderabad Stationwere adjudged as the Third Prize winning Stations.