The charming Amadubi rural tourism village of Jharkhand is home of talented tribal artists who are known for traditional Patkar scroll paintings. The village is home to about 54 painter families, who are skilled in painting epics, folktales and scenes of rural life on scrolls made from tree leaves and barks. A visit to this artists’ center is an enriching experience for tourists as they can directly visit the artists’ homes and choose from a wide selection of attractive Patkar scroll paintings. The artists are following this age-old traditional art and their skills are unique. You can buy some amazing paintings to take back home as memories. The village is located in Dhalbhumgarh block of East Singhbhum and is the center of ethnic artists of Jharkhand.
In ancient times, Bihar, Bengal and Odisha were home to a community of nomadic artists called Chitrakars. The art of these artists is known as Paitkar because they painted on pait-scrolls of cloth or tree bark. From long ago, these storytellers have been practicing their unique folk art combining scroll painting and song with moving images. Artists focused on a mythological story before writing poetry. After conceiving a story, he painted it with mineral and vegetable colors extracted from rocks, clay and leaves.