New Delhi – The total number of beneficiaries vaccinated against COVID19 across the country has crossed 56 lakhs.

56,36,868 healthcare and frontline workers were vaccinated through 1,14,548 sessions (till 6 pm) as part of the countrywide COVID-19 vaccination program on Day 22, as per the provisional report till 6 pm today. Vaccination sessions were organized in 35 States/UTs.

Of the total figure, 52,66,175 beneficiaries were healthcare workers and 3,70,693 were frontline workers. 2,20,019 beneficiaries were vaccinated till 6 pm.

Total 28 persons have been hospitalized so far. This comprises 0.0005% of the total vaccinations. Of the 28 cases of hospitalization, 19 were discharged after treatment, while nine persons died.

There has been no new hospitalization in the last 24 hours.

Total 22 deaths have been recorded till date. These comprise 0.0004% of the total vaccinations. Of the 22, nine persons died in the hospital while 13 deaths are recorded outside the hospital.