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October 31, 2022

People of Taj City like easy life, they start the morning with breakfast of Bedai

Agra – The world famous Taj City Agra is a city where people rarely fail to criticize their city, but they are very much attached with their city. Most of the people of Agra start their morning with the special breakfast Bedai here. Initially, the people from outside may find the spoken language here a bit rough but the people are nice and comfortable and there is very little aggressive nature. Sometimes sleepy and harsh attitude of Agra people will disappoint you but slowly you will get used to it. The culture of this city is of Brij region and it has its own special feature. If you look at it carefully, you will find a uniqueness in it.
Many people from outside say that there is so much power in the Bedai and Jalebi of Agra, it work medicine of every problem for the people of Agra.