Monday, November 12 2018

October 1, 2018

Prime Minister inaugurates Mahatma Gandhi Museum at Rajkot

Mahatma Gandhi Museum at Rajkot

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today inaugurated the Mahatma Gandhi Museum in Rajkot. The Museum has been set up at the Alfred High School, which was an important part of the formative years of Mahatma Gandhi. It will help spread awareness about Gandhian culture, values and philosophy.The Prime Minister also

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September 29, 2018

Indian Diaspora Around the World Will Benefit AIR Streaming Services

Union Minister of for Information & Broadcasting Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore launched All India Radios Streaming Services on Amazons Alexa Smart Speakers.MrSawhney said that voice is the future of communication with the devices around us. Voice is everywhere and already 390 million people around the world are using voice based communication

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