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Supreme Court asks Sahara chief Subrata Roy to deposit Rs 600 crore
New Delhi - SC of India directed chief of Sahara Mr Subrata Roy to deposit Rs 600 crore by February 6, 2017 for remaining out of the jail. Supreme court said he will have to surrender, if he fails to deposit the amount.On October 25, the SC had extended Roy’s parole till today after the company deposited Rs 200 crore with the SEBI for repayment of investors. Roy was released on parole when his mother died in May this year.Mr Roy was sent to jail on May 4, 2014, for his failure to comply with a 2012 order, directing him to return investor's Rs 17,600 crores with 15 per cent interest.

RBI intent to normalise the things as early as possible
New Delhi-Reserve bank of India is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and taking all necessary actions to ease the genuine pain of citizens with a clear intent to normalise the things as early as possible said mr Urjit Patel Governor of RBI.Mr Patel urged the people to start using cash substitutes like debit cards and digital wallets, saying it will make transactions cheaper and easier and in the long term.

India to move towards a digital economy - Modi


Prime Minister Modi asked the people to use mobile phones to make payments to move towards a cashless economy which brings in more transparency which in turns helps root out corruption. Further he appeals to poor and farmers to make greater use of mobile banking and technology, says the mobile is your bank and wallet,exhorts youth to help propel india towards a cashless digital economy.He also urged all political parties, social organizations as well as youth and media to help the country move towards a digital economy. 

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