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India to move towards a digital economy - Modi


Prime Minister Modi asked the people to use mobile phones to make payments to move towards a cashless economy which brings in more transparency which in turns helps root out corruption. Further he appeals to poor and farmers to make greater use of mobile banking and technology, says the mobile is your bank and wallet,exhorts youth to help propel india towards a cashless digital economy.He also urged all political parties, social organizations as well as youth and media to help the country move towards a digital economy. 

People can deposit old notes in their banks upto 30th of December
New Delhi-Use of old currency for payment of public utilities bills upto 15th of next month adding some other services under the exempted category has been extended by Govt.To exchange of old notes of 500 and 1000 rupees over the counter has been stopped.However, people can deposit their old notes in their bank accounts upto 30th of December.Notes of 1000 rupees  will not be accepted any more in exempted categories and only 500 notes will be accepted.

No question of compromise on corruption and black money: Narendra Modi


New Delhi-Govt will not make any  compromise on the issues of corruption and black money said PM Modi.PM said public should not accept such evils as part of the system and they need to think about the future.In apparent remarks on continuous criticism of government by opposition on demonitisation of high value currency, Narendra. Modi said it is unfortunate that some people are speaking in favour of black money and corruption.

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