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July 5, 2018

All NRI marriages in India have to be registered within 48 hours

NRI matrimonial disputes

New Delhi-The Integrated Nodal Agency in its meeting held under the chairpersonship of WCD Secretary, decided to issue one more Look out Circular(LoC).Earlier in June, Union Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi said all marriages NRI solemnised in India have to be registered within 48 hours to prevent non-issuance of passport and visas.WCD Ministry is in the process of issuing orders to

the registrars that such marriages have to be registered within 48 hours else the passport and visas would not be issued said Maneka Gandhi in a press conference.The Ministry has already issued 6 LoCs since April this year after examining the complaints received regarding NRI matrimonial disputes.

The INA meets regularly to discuss issues related to NRI matrimonial disputes and chart the way forward. In criminal matters involving NRIs, LoC could be issued by the INA in cognizable offences, when the overseas husband is deliberately evading arrest or not appearing in the trial court despite Non Bailable Warrants and other coercive measures or there is a likelihood that he will leave the country to evade trial or arrest. The LoC will be issued after having the case scrutinised by NCW.